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    Boilers are one of the most important pieces of machinery at your home. When winter approaches, you need to focus on proper Chicago area boiler repair and maintenance to ensure safe operation. This machinery is fuel-fired, and heats through combustion. With such equipment, there is always a risk of fire or explosion. Therefore, it is very important to focus on some safety tips to make sure your equipment does not cause any problems. For repair and maintenance, my company’s professionals will be your best choice. Our professionalism and dedication can provide you with great value for money. The majority of fires and explosions in boilers originate during shutdown or start up. Automatic combustion safety devices can be excellent. They can effectively reduce the likelihood of an explosion or fire in your equipment, and minimize the damage whenever a problem occurs. Besides safety devices, you need to be familiar with some general safety tips. Here are some effective repair and maintenance tasks we handle to keep your boiler in excellent condition. 

    Checking Manual and Automatic Controls

    It is very important to check manual and automatic controls regulating draft, feed water, interlocks and dampers. We also make sure that all the stack dampers are properly open. We check the flue passes and furnace for fuel accumulation. We thoroughly remove any unburned fuel. Similarly, we also check the flame detection devices.

    Before you start the equipment, you should purge the furnace for about 3-5 minutes to completely clear gas passages. If you notice that the burner fails to ignite in 5 seconds, you should shut off the fuel supply, and re-purge your furnace. You should never leave an auto fired equipment unattended after switching it on. You should only leave after checking that all the controls are properly functioning. In case they aren’t, give us a call. 

    Monthly Tests/Checks

    ● Airflow and Fan Interlocks

    ● Flame Failure Detection System

    ● High Temperature or Steam Pressure Interlock

    ● Low Fire Start Interlock

    ● Drip Leg and Gas Cleaner

    ● Temperature Interlocks and Fuel Pressure

    ● Low and High Fuel Pressure Interlocks 

    Annual Checks at the Start of the Season 

    When the heating season arrives, it is important to focus on some annual checks. We test the fuel safety shutoff valves for any leakages. It is also crucial to test air pressure or flow switches and damper low/high fire interlocks. We check flame scanners and other safety controls that interlock with fuel safety shutoff valves through the standard combustion safeguard controller. In addition to this, we check hoses, piping, electrical connections and wiring for corrosion, loose connections and leaks. 

    In order to keep your property and loved ones safe, it is important to get your equipment tested and maintained by professional and qualified technicians. A professional company employs only skilled and well trained technicians. We have been offering boiler repair and maintenance services for a very long time. 

    In order to keep your boilers in prime condition, you need to implement a documented program for testing, maintenance and inspection of the equipment. You should also test safety controls annually, and hire only qualified technicians. Most importantly, you need to practice some good housekeeping standards in the boiler room areas. We help you keep your boiler in prime condition. 

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